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Regardless of the season, I always crave for hot pot. It is the best way to bond with friends and family, while sharing all the food in the pot. Last week, I revisited Liuyishou Hot Pot with other foodies, and we had so much fun together. Compared to the Dolar Shop (check out my review here!), Liuyishou Hot Pot is more reasonably priced and with a casual ambiance. You can find some unique appetizers here, so you can nibble on them while waiting for the soup to boil. I also got few tips for any newbies to hot pot.

Tip #1: Choose the Soup Base First

Liu’s House Special with Premium Beef Oil / $21.95 for 3-flavour soup base

Always choose the soup base first, so you don’t have to wait for the soup to boil. You can get up to 3-flavor soup base in one pot at Liuyishou Hot Pot. We ordered three of the signature soup base, including the Liu’s House Special with Premium Beef Oil, Wild Mixed Mushroom with Chinese Herbs, and Chicken with Coconut. My favourite soup base is the Chicken with Coconut, and I highly recommend to order it if you want something light. Coconut is from Hainan, and you can add chicken once the soup starts boiling. After awhile, the chicken will become tender and juicy. Wild Mixed Mushroom with Chinese Herbs is a classic soup to order, but I found it oily. As for the Liu’s House Special with Premium Beef Oil, it comes with a cow-shaped spicy butter. Its spice numbs your tongue, but that’s the best part of a spicy soup base.

The chicken that comes with the Chicken with Coconut Soup Base

Tip #2: Order Refreshing Drinks

Fresh Coconut / $6.95

They have a wide selection of drinks on the menu, but my go-to is always the Plum Juice and Chinese Herbal Tea. I also found Fresh Coconut here, which is sweet, refreshing, and best to pair with hot pot. It is on a pricier side, but once you finish the coconut juice, you can eat the coconut meat as well! If you love alcohol, you can also order from the beer list.

Tip#3: When the food is floating, it is most likely cooked.

The Liu’s Beef and Lamb Platter arrives first, and it is a ring filled with thinly-sliced beef and lamb. For $20, it is a good portion, with great quality.

Liu’s Beef and Lamb Platter / $19.95

The Signature Shrimp Paste with Roe is another must-order. It is bouncy, and it comes in two heart shapes.

Signature Shrimp Paste with Roe / $9.95

The Assorted Balls Platter comes with shrimp, cuttlfish, pork, and beef balls, but I found it expensive for 8 balls. It is not as bouncy like the shrimp paste as expected as well.

Assorted Balls Platter / $8.95

This Barbie Beef is no longer available on menu, but it is a cool item, as it comes with the Seafood Platter. You can order the platter on its own, and it has oysters, shrimps, imitation crab, clam, sole fillet, and baby cuttlefish.

Although I am not a big fan of vegetables, this Vegetable and Mushroom Platter is a good portion to share. I wish they have one with solely mushrooms though!

Vegetable and Mushroom Platter / $11.95

Tip #4: Leave Room for Dessert!

This tip is exclusive to Liuyishou Hot Pot only, because you can find this unique dessert here, Black Rice Cake with Brown Sugar Dipping Sauce. It is not overly sweet, and it has a crispy shell. The rice cake inside is mochi like. I love to drench it in both the condense milk and brown sugar.

Black Rice Cake with Brown Sugar Dipping Sauce / $6.95

In addition to the items you normally find in the hotpot place, Liuyishou Hot Pot also takes care customers’ need when they are waiting for the hot pot. They offer a tomato-based Cheese Fondue, along with sausage, celery, and chicken wings. I think the fondue is on a pricier side, and I hope it is on a thicker and cheesier side.

Cheese Fondue / $38.95

Overall Impression

This was my second visit, and I have to admit that I have a better experience this time. I was able to try more of the signature items. I would definitely order the Beef & Lamb Platter and the Black Rice Cake again. I also love that its menu shows you how to make the perfect sauce for different foods. I wouldn’t mind coming again if I am in the area craving for hot pot.

Taste : 3.5/5 • Service: N/A • Ambiance: 4/5 • Quality-Price: N/A

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