October Mrkt Haul: the New Way to Support Local Business Virtually

Mrkt Haul is a new way to support local businesses in Vancouver. It is a one-stop online platform that different local businesses can showcase their products, and customers can place orders online for pickup. Mrkt Haul features different businesses each month, and there would be a week for customers to shop. Then they can schedule for pick up in the following week.

October’s Mrkt Haul features 16 market vendors. And you can check out the details of the virtual market at the bottom of this post. I got an overview of some featured products that each vendor offers.

Connie’s Cravings

Connie’s Cravings features unique cookies in both texture and flavor. Many flavors are Asian-inspired, and my favourite has to be the Coconut Ube. They are launching two flavors at Mrkt Haul – Lemon Mochi and Super Dad (Baileys Irish Cream w/ Dark Choco Chunks & Pecans). Their cookies are on the chewier side, so you can crisp it up a little bit in the oven.

Garmaz Pierogies

Garmaz Pierogies - Mrkt Haul
Potato Cheddar with Bacon Pierogies / $21

Garmaz Pierogies has traditional flavors, such as Pork or Sauerkraut. It also has other unique ones – Potato Cheddar with Bacon. Each package contains 16-20 frozen pierogies, and the quick and easy instructions are on their website.

Herbed Noodle

Vegan Spring Rolls - Herbed Noodle - Mrkt Haul
Vegan Spring Rolls / $10.99

Herbed Noodle transforms authentic and traditional Vietnamese cuisine into equivalent plant-based versions. The Frozen Vegan Spring Rolls is delicious, and I wouldn’t even notice that there is no meat in it. As long as you have an oven, you can turn these frozen goods into delicious treats in minutes. You can also get the broth for pho.

Jay-K Ice Cream

Jayk Ice Cream - Mrkt Haul
Iron Buddha Ice Cream / $12 (16oz)

Jay-K Ice Cream showcases tea-infused ice cream, using the high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and with no additives. At Mrkt Haul, they are featuring two signature ice cream, Iron Buddha and Genmaicha.

JJ Bakes

JJ Bakes - Mrkt Haul
Assorted Cupcakes (media packaging – not for sale)

JJ Bakes is a local dessert catering business that offers unique flavored cupcakes. What caught my attention is the cute design of the Cinnamon Beach Buns, which is a mini cinnamon bun lying on top of a cinnamon & brown sugar cupcakes. It is available in the Autumn Series. Another flavor that I enjoyed is the Ube Baby!

Kapwa Coffee

Kapwa Coffee - Mrkt Haul
Medium Roast – Costa Rica / $15.99 (340g)

Kapwa Coffee offers freshly roasted coffee beans to your door. Currently, they are selling the Medium Roast (Costa Rica) and Dark Roast (Honduras). When I got them, I can already smell the aroma from the grinded coffee. Medium Roast is my preferred one.

Keto Kitchen

Keto Kitchen is a West Coast based company that enables you to get creative with your meals with a low carb diet. The product is made with natural ingredients and packaged in compostable bags. At the back of the package, it comes with simple recipes to give you some ideas on how to enjoy them.

Little Flower Company

Little Flower Company Canele - Mrkt Haul
Madagascar Vanilla Canele / $24 (6 pcs)

Little Flower Company is a new online cake design studio that features caneles and chiffon cakes. Caneles is hard to find in Vancouver, as it is a complicated and delicate treat. It is recommended to enjoy it fresh, and it has a soft inside and a caramelized hard shell. It is quite delectable.

Loved and Kneaded

Loved and Kneaded specializes in traditional Irish techniques and recipes. You will be able to try out the Irish Soda Bread, along with both savory and sweet scones.

Melt Confectionery

Melt Confectionery - Mrkt Haul
Honeycomb Pouches / sold in the Plant Based Goodies bundle / $26

If you are looking for delicate, handmade bonbons in Vancouver, you should try Melt Confectionery. I’ve heard the Chocolate Covered Malt Balls taste just like maltesers, and I love the vegan Honeycomb Pouches. It has a lovely chewy texture while the chocolate is melting in your mouth.

One Arrow Meats

One Arrow Meats features bacon with unique dry rubs, including Black Pepper & Honey, Hickory Smoked Maple, Chinese Five Spice, and Salt & Smoke. The bacon is 100% naturally smoked and made fresh weekly in BC. Each pack has a generous amount of bacon, and it is the perfect addition to the weekend’s breakfast.


Plantastic - Makt Haul
Plant-Based Lemon Cheesecake / $5.49

One of the mission for Plantastic is to provide access to a wide selection delicious plant based products made locally with 100% natural ingredients. You can get both savory and sweet plant-based treats, and I am surprised by the Plant-Based Lemon Cheesecake. The combination of nuts, dates, and coconut milk is lovely, and the texture is quite similar especially after placing it in the freezer.

Shameless Buns

Shamless Buns - Mrkt Haul
Mango Tamarind Hot Sauce / $12

It is no surprise to see Shameless Buns here, as they are the mastermind behind Mrkt Haul. They created excellent opportunities for customers to know new local businesses, as well as connecting the businesses through this online platform. Their housemade sauces are their popular items, and the Mango Tamarind Hot Sauce is one of my favourites. These sauces entirely enhance the eating-fries experience for me!


Susgrainable - Mrkt Haul
Salted Brownie Cookies / Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Susgrainable has an unique concept to transform spent grain, the primary by-produdct of beer prodution to a high fibre, high protein upcycled barley flour, along with baking mixes and baked goods. I found the pastries don’t taste much different than the regular ones, but the idea of transforming beer “waste” to delicious treats is amazing.

Tality Kombucha

Tality Kombucha is my latest favourite of all kombucha companies out there. It has the right amount of acidity and fizziness. And all ingredients are organic and natural, with no artificial sweeteners. My favourite flavor right now is the Ginger, and the bottle design made it easy for you to carry around or enjoy it outdoor.


Waffled - Mrkt Haul
Waffle Bites / $20 (24 pcs)

Waffled specialized in unique flavored liege waffles. They carry both the regular sized waffles and the mini bite-sized ones. The Waffle Bites come in a package of 24 pieces, and you get to try all the flavors available. It is a great opportunity to test out which flavors you like the best before buying the regular sized ones.

Details of the October Mrkt Haul

The market is now live until October 11. And you can simply purchase everything you want all in one stop. Then, simply pick a preferred time and date to pick up.

  • Store Site: https://magkasama604.com/
  • Store Dates: October 5, 2020 – October 11, 2020
  • Pick-up Dates: October 16, 2020 – October 18, 2020
  • Pick-up Time: 11 am – 5 pm
  • Location: 302 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3

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