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Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes

Tiramius Snow Skin Mooncakes - likebyregina

I am going to make Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. A coffee jelly (almost like a gummy texture) is wrapped with mascarpone cheese filling. You can expect the perfect balance of espresso and chocolate, ending with a subtle rum flavour. No cooking is needed, and the espresso snow skin can maintain chewy, soft, and mochi-like after 3-4 days in the freezer.


Snow Skin Mooncakes with Shredded Coconut & Purple Yam Lava

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up soon, and it becomes a tradition for me to make mooncakes since two years ago. This year, I upgraded my recipe for making Snow Skin Mooncakes, so the skin will still be chewy and mochi-like even after 3-4 days in the freezer. In terms of the filling, I am making a simple shredded coconut paste with purple yam lava.


Purple Yam Snow Skin Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up soon, and my family would buy snow skin mooncakes from local Asian grocery stores. But this year, I decided to make some homemade and healthier ones. The good things about homemade products are that sugar levels can always be adjusted, and I can choose natural ingredients to eliminate any preservatives. Using purple yam in desserts and pastries is now a new food trend, as it has a beautiful purple colour for pictures, and it has high nutrition, with low calories. Making Purple Yam Snow Skin Mooncakes seems difficult, but it is actually easy and fun, especially when assembling them.

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