5 Reasons why we love Fresh Prep – a Vancouver-based meal kit delivery service

After trying numerous meal kit delivery services in Vancouver, I think I found the best one, Fresh Prep. Though it’s my first time trying its service, I can already see why it’s one of Canada’s top-rated meal kits. As full-time workers, we always have a hard time deciding what to eat, and even finding time to buy groceries. And Fresh Prep makes it hassle-free. It delivers fresh ingredients and recipes straight to your door. It’s convenient and saves time. And with the inflated prices of fresh produce and groceries in Canada, you are still able to get meals from Fresh Prep for as low as $10.50 per serving.

In our Fresh Prep review, we will tell you 5 reasons why we recommend them.

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Tiramius Snow Skin Mooncakes - likebyregina

Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes

I am going to make Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. A coffee jelly (almost like a gummy texture) is wrapped with mascarpone cheese filling. You can expect the perfect balance of espresso and chocolate, ending with a subtle rum flavour. No cooking is needed, and the espresso snow skin can maintain chewy, soft, and mochi-like after 3-4 days in the freezer.

pokey okey - pigoutyvr

Pokey Okey: Vancouver’s Best Poke with fresh and unique Toppings

In recent years, poke bowls have become a staple in Vancouver, and I have been digging to find Vancouver’s best poke bowls. To me, a good poke bowl is one that uses high-quality, fresh ingredients, and I would crave it every so often. And Pokey Okey is definitely on this list. It has multiple locations – Downtown, Richmond, and Burnaby (Kingsway). They offer a wide variety of poke bowls, along with protein and vegetable toppings.

frozen yogurt popsicle - pigoutyvr

Easy Frozen Yogurt Popsicles with Evive Smoothies Cubes

We are a big fan of the blender-free smoothies from Evive Nutrition because it is packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables and convenient to make. But did you know you can turn these smoothies into kid-friendly desserts or snacks – Frozen Yogurt Popsicles, by adding a few extra ingredients? Make sure to keep reading to get yourself an exclusive promo code for your first purchase!


Crispy Shrimp Toast

Shrimp Toast is all about its crispy crust, and golden-brown shell, with the perfect amount of bouncy, chewy shrimp paste. A flavorful mixture of ground shrimp is spread onto slices of white bread. You can then air-fry, pan-fry, or like what we are doing today – deep-fry them. I normally like to pair it with the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, but I was out of that at home. I used Kewpie Mayo with sprinkles of paprika instead, and it turned out surprisingly delicious.

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